84 Lumber

Silver Exhibitor

Jason Hinsken • 716-860-8977 • jason.hinsken@84lumber.com • 84lumber.com

84 Lumber Company is the nation’s largest privately held supplier of building materials, manufactured components and industry-leading services for single- and multi-family residences and commercial buildings.

Blue Sky Tie Down Systems

NFC Member | Silver Exhibitor

Bryan Ables • 830-500-0487 • bryan@blueskytie.com • www.blueskytie.com

Multi-Story Threaded rod tie down systems & construction hardware. We will also be advertising our engineering and take off services.

Builders FirstSource

NFC Member | Platinum Exhibitor

Terry Schilmoeller • 303-356-3055 • terry.schilmoeller@bldr.com • BLDR.com

Building materials component manufacturing and distribution utilizing whole house design technology.

CLP Systems

NFC Member | Silver Exhibitor

Andy Owens, P.E. • 205-909-7359 • andy.owens@clp-systems.com • www.clp-systems.com

CLP Systems has been providing engineered threaded rod tie-down systems for wood frame construction for 20 years. A division of Vulcan Steel Products, the largest manufacturer of threaded rod in the U.S.A., CLP Systems partners with turn-key framers nationwide to help defeat framing hardware complexity. Let us help simplify your scope!

ConX-USA, Inc.

Gold Exhibitor

Brad Langerak • 303-210-4478 • bradl@conx-usa.com • ConX-USA.com

ConX is a new spin on the old idea of the borrowed worker program. ConX will help contractors increase profitability, grow faster, and cut down on overhead costs. ConX offers tools to borrow workers when understaffed, load workers when over staffed, manage your project labor using the virtual whiteboard and hire new job seekers when needed.


NFC Member | Silver Exhibitor

Brian Rivero • 540-308-8596 • brian.rivero@dupont.com • www.dupont.com

Tyvek wrap and Styrofoam rigid installation.

Estiframe Technologies, Inc.

NFC Member | Platinum Exhibitor

Aaron Love • 833-327-9376 • alove@estiframe.com • https://estiframe.com

Estiframe Technologies specializes in data-driven machinery and software solutions for the framing and building components industry and is the manufacturer of the EasyFrame Automated Framing Layout System. Estiframe was founded in 2017 by owners with decades of experience working first-hand in the industry it now serves.


NFC Member | Platinum Exhibitor

Maytal Oskar • 508-654-5163 • moskar@omginc.com • www.fastenmaster.com

Our goal is to help the PRO contractor strengthen his or her business. We believe that delivering on this promise creates lasting value for our customers while also strengthening the FastenMaster brand. From developing new products to innovating new building practices, the voice of the PRO contractor remains our guiding force.

Hoover Treated Wood Products

NFC Member | Silver Exhibitor

Bryan Schuyler • 925-719-5111 • bschuyler@frtw.com • frtw.com

In business since 1955, Hoover Treated Wood Products, Inc., manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of pressure-impregnated, kiln-dried after treatment lumber and plywood for fire-retardant and preservative applications.

Huber Engineered Woods

NFC Member | Platinum Exhibitor

Ryan Stephenson • 610-587-3050 • ryan.stephenson@huber.com • www.huberwood.com

EXACOR™ Magnesium Oxide (MgO) panels: The boards that are changing the game. ZIP System Advantech


NFC Member | Silver Exhibitor

Scott Sunday • 208-608-8658 • ssunday@idapac.com • www.idapac.com

IdaPac (Idaho Pacific Lumber Co) will be promoting our job direct supply services, including the Framing Briefs we present in the NFC newsletter.


Gold Exhibitor

Donna Whitaker • 770-282-3190 • donna.whitaker@interfor.com • https://interfor.com

Interfor is one of the world’s largest wood products companies with operations across North America & customers around the globe. With an annual lumber capacity of approximately 5 billion board feet from world-class facilities, we strengthen local economies, build value for our employees & customers and participate in sustainable forest management.

Magni Telescopic Handlers

NFC Member | Platinum Exhibitor

Joe Leinwol • 908-280-8899 ext. 112 • joe@magniamerica.com • www.magnith.com

Magni Rotating Telehandlers are 3 machines in 1 - telescopic forklift, R.T. crane, and aerial work platform. Magni's are best in class with lifting heights from 57-167' and capacities from 11,000 - 28,600 lbs. Magni's are the safest and most efficient machines available and will help to eliminate the need for you to rent cranes on your jobs.


Silver Exhibitor

Michael Wisnefski • 312-961-4962 • mikew@materialsxchange.com • www.materialsxchange.com

Welcome to the future of procurement. The MaterialsXchange online marketplace is the best new way buy commodity lumber and wood panels.


Gold Exhibitor

Stephen Keller • 636-675-1866 • skeller@mii.com • mii.com

MiTek is an off-site construction technology leader that exists to transform global communities through better building. MiTek delivers software, services, engineered products, and automated solutions that enable the building industry to improve efficiencies by optimizing the balance between off-site and on-site. Learn more at mii.com.

OTH Remote Controlled Hooks

Silver Exhibitor

Jeremy Poste • 438-506-2250 • jeremy@othrigging.com • www.othrigging.com

Our remote controlled hooks are designed to enable working teams to release the rigging from a safe distance and perform more lifts in a workday. Your rigging faster & safer than ever before!

Quick Tie Products, Inc.

NFC Member | Platinum Exhibitor

Wes Robbins • 407-760-1325 • wrobbins@quicktieproducts.com • www.quicktieproducts.com

Quick Tie Products is a building product manufacturer specializing in Hurricane Tie-Down Systems and Construction Connectors for wood and masonry structures. Quick Tie Products is dedicated to developing and manufacturing a better solution for tying down wood frame and masonry structures exposed to wind and seismic forces.

Safety Pole Inc.

Platinum Exhibitor

Jase Franke • 805-233-0428 • jfranke@safetypole.com • https://www.safetypole.com

Safety Pole is an OSHA-compliant overhead fall protection system that is simple to install, easy to move, & puts the anchor point above workers' heads to allow framers to work as they always have – highly visible to allow for easy inspection at any distance. We are launching our new 118 lbs. telescope system.


NFC Member | Silver Exhibitor

Mike Callahan • 800-543-4596 • mcallahan@senco.com • https://www.senco.com/

We are an American Manufacturer of quality tools & fasteners. We provide fastening solutions that increase productivity and make work safer and easier to perform.


80% of our fasteners are manufactured in North America of U.S. Steel.

Shelter Products

NFC Member | Gold Exhibitor

Tim Aspinwall • 763-283-5097 • taspinwall@shelter-products.com • www.shelter-products.com

For 50 plus years Shelter Products has distributed lumber plywood and other building materials to our clients all over the US. We specialize in cost-effective and just-in-time shipments to projects such as multi-family housing assisted living hotels/motels and student housing.

Simpson Strong-Tie

NFC Member | Gold Exhibitor

Frankie Emerson • 925-560-9081 • femerson@strongtie.com • www.strongtie.com

Simpson Strong-Tie partners with component manufacturers and LBM suppliers to improve business outcomes by facilitating collaboration between you and your customers. Our innovative building technology software streamlines project workflow while supporting your component design EWP and estimating needs.

Trussway Manufacturing

NFC Member | Platinum Exhibitor

Jeff Smith • 713-691-6900 • jeff.smith@trussway.com • www.trussway.com

Trussway is the leading U.S. manufacturer of floor trusses, roof trusses, and pre-assembled door and window openings. We sell, design, and manufacture the best pre-fabricated wood framing components to help ensure builds are accurate, on time, and of high quality. Proudly celebrating 50 Years of Building Excellence.

West Fraser

NFC Member | Silver Exhibitor

John Haluska • 612-281-0700 • john.haluska@westfraser.com • westfraser.com

West Fraser is a diversified wood products company with more than 60 facilities in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. From responsibly sourced and sustainably managed forest resources, we produce lumber, engineered wood (OSB, LVL, MDF, plywood). Our products are used in home construction, repair, and remodeling.


Silver Exhibitor

Ian Falivene • 303-967-1600 • ian.falivene@wy.com • www.weyerhaeuser.com


Weyerhaeuser offers premium softwood lumber OSB Trus Joist® engineered wood products software and technical support for residential and multi-family construction. Our innovative software and cutting solutions including NextPhase® Site Solutions combine to save you time and money while providing premium services for your customers.